Giving your home a little extra love this month can save you time and money. Savings on a new fridge or mattress are best in early summer, and usually kick off Memorial Day weekend.

Cool Your Expenses With a New Fridge

How old is your fridge? Is it leaking water, cooling less efficiently, or just too small? Maybe you want an ice maker! May is the best month to buy a new refrigerator.  New models hit the sales floor in the summer, and stores need to clear out the old ones to make room. I really like the Sears Outlet, they have great scratch -n- dent deals.

Freshen That Coat

Inclement weather can be tough on your home’s exterior, making it look a little drab as early summer arrives.  While you’re repainting, also repair damage to trim and siding. You’ll not only have a satisfying sense of accomplishment, you’ll boost your curb appeal.

Make A Better Bed

Mattresses get less comfortable as they age, and over time they collect dust, which could affect your allergies. May is a great time to replace it because retailers make room for new merch.  You can find high-quality ones at deep discounts, saving hundreds of dollars, and potentially get free delivery.

Clear Those Closets

We wear only 20% of our wardrobe according to Kathy Burns, CEO of Organized & Energized. Don’t let that useless 80% take up so much storage space in your home!  Tidy up closets and eliminate the sentimental clothes.  Under-the-bed bins work well for seasonal clothing.  And look for deals on storage bins at the Container Store in Mission Valley.  If you have gently used or designer items, consider donating them to the HomeStart thrift boutique, located at 3611 Adams (across from Von’s in Normal Heights).  Every sale benefits San Diego families!

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