Spring is a great time to spiffy up your home! Below are suggestions to consider. And remember, spring isn’t the only time to do some light cleaning.  Use this checklist – just print it out!

Supplies: vacuum, steam cleaner, mop, dusting materials, paper towels, broom, boxes, new furnace filter

All rooms
□ Wipe down baseboards
□ Clean air vents
□ Dust blinds and windows
□ De-clutter drawers and closets
□ Clean windows
□ Sweep and mop floors
□ Replace HVAC filter

Living Room
□ Dust around and behind TV
□ Clean fireplace
□ Clean window treatments
□ Wash, vacuum or replace pet bedding
□ Polish hardwood floors

□ Clear outdated canned food and spices
□ Defrost and clean fridge and freezer
□ Polish silverware
□ Vacuum inside of cabinets and drawers
□ Dust top of cabinets and fridge

□ Vacuum mattress
□ Wash mattress topper and electric blanket
□ Clean and vacuum under bed
□ Wash pillows

□ Throw away expired cosmetics
□ Change shower curtain
□ Sweep and mop floor
□ Unclog drains
□ Vacuum exhaust fan

□ Donate or throw out old clothes and shoes
□ Dust and wipe down shelves
□ Clean or replace laundry basket

□ Clean light fixtures
□ Wash outdoor furniture
□ Clean sliding door tracks
□ Steam clean cement
□ Plant flowers
□ Clean and repair gutters
□ Clean and organize garage

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