1. Doesn’t get back to you

In life, quick and clear communication is key. A delayed response can mean losing out on a home. If you find yourself waiting for your agent to return calls, texts, or emails — that’s a sign you’ve chosen the wrong agent.

2. They’re a part-time agent

As a seller, working with a part-time agent who is spread too thin can lead to disappointment.

Time is of the essence (it is even written in the contract!) and someone working as a part-time agent while juggling another job won’t be able to respond fast enough, leaving you at a costly disadvantage.

3. Too pushy with their own agenda

An agent’s role is to guide you through the process, not to push you through it – whether you’re selling or buying. If sense your agent is trying to strong-arm you into making a decision instead of presenting your options with advantages, disadvantages and potential outcomes, you may wind up with remorse.

4. Not a market expert

Does this agent know detailed local comps (comparable home sales)? Does he or she provide reliable and accurate data? Market research is a huge part of the job, and I have a ton of that experience.

5. Is late or a no-show for meetings

Put simply, being late or a no-show is disrespectful to you and just bad business. Unreliability will lead to frustration, resentment and an overall bad experience. Your agent should be at least 5 minutes early to everything, barring unusual circumstances like traffic.

6. Sub-standard negotiator

I often remind my clients of the quote, “Never confuse kindness for weakness.” I’m a tough negotiator and know my way around the contract. This will serve you well, both using the details in the contract to protect you.

7. Has weak marketing experience

Photos. Copy. Videos. 3D tours. How much experience does your agent have with these? And even if they have experience with those things, what’s their approach in getting the message out? It takes time and experience to get it right, to get as many eyeballs on your listing as possible – and as fast as possible. Prior to real estate my background was marketing, so I’m uniquely suited to leverage that experience to your benefit.

8. Fails to explain and guide you through the process

In my Buyer Boot Camp I teach the 17 steps of the purchase process (which applies to sellers too!) – there can be benefits and drawbacks to decisions made. My job as your agent is to present your options – and the potential outcomes – so you’re armed with knowledge and confident in your process decisions.

9. Doesn’t seek input

We have two ears and eyes, and only one mouth, right? I’m sure you’ve heard that before! I take that approach to my real estate – listening and gathering input is paramount to a productive working relationship. There are many agents who, quite simply, talk too much and don’t listen enough. A pushy agent who doesn’t listen to you will lead to remorse and frustration. Don’t be afraid to put your agent on the spot and ask them what they think you just told them.

10. Doesn’t keep you proactively informed at all times

I have a very simple approach to keeping my clients proactively informed: I eliminate silence. I often tell my clients that during a real estate transaction (for buyer or seller) silence is the loudest sound. Even if I don’t have updates I’ll reach out and tell you everything is on track – that way your mind won’t wander, and you won’t have sleepless nights!

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