I moved to San Diego in 2007 and I’ve discovered a lot of the city, but I still love to hear about new places I haven’t yet explored.  I stumbled on this list and had to share – it’s a partial list! Link is at the bottom to visit the full story and see pics, too:

Edna and Alex Harper’s hillside topiary garden in Mission Hills

Natalie Holtz

Over 50 creatures and shapes populate Edna and Alex Harper’s hillside topiary garden, which is open for viewing by the public. Edna and Alex Harper have shaped their foliage into over 50 different creations, inspired by their travels around the world. It includes a surfer, a buddha, pyramids, a dinosaur, a whale and an entire herd of elephant, and more. Most topiary are shaped by growing the shrubbery around wire figures, but Edna’s are unique because they are solid foliage all the way through!


Natalie Holtz

Up in La Jolla there’s a 13-foot bronze sculpture called Okeanos. In front of Scripps Green Hospital, it was created by artist William Tucker (for $200,000 back in 1987), who said its shape suggests a wave.

…and the last one is a favorite especially around Halloween time…

Sorrento Valley Pet Cemetery

Natalie Holtz

There’s more on the list.  Have fun exploring!

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