It’s true – we all spend most of our time outdoors with the amazing weather we have in San Diego.  Before I moved here a friend warned, “There’s one thing I don’t like about San Diego.  I’m so busy doing stuff outside I never have time to do chores!”  While amusing and true, the best way to keep great curb appeal is to set aside time to actually do it!  While I can’t find time in your schedule for projects, I can certainly supply you with ideas on what could be done:

Liven Up Landscaping

Patchy spots on grass, overgrown shrubs, and worn out mulch can really make your home look more worn than it is. Since SoCal is in a major water drought – maybe now is the time to consider low-water landscaping.  And while you’re planning your project, make sure you inspect the grade surrounding your home. Over time it can become compacted and slope toward your home, causing water to no longer flow away from your foundation.  Grab a shovel and move dirt toward the foundation to create a slope.

Make Touch-Ups

With the harsh sun on our homes almost each day, paint will begin to chip and peel sooner rather than later. Inspect and look for chipping or peeling paint, and break out some sandpaper, primer, paint and brushes. Generally it’s a project you can start and finish in a couple of hours. If your project involves more work than you have time to put in, consider renting a power sander and getting a friend to help with the paint. While pressure washing can be effective at removing dirt, be very careful not to cause damage to older siding.

The Garden Fence

Even if you have no garden, an attractive fence is a great way to build a border – both visually and for security purposes.  Home improvement stores have really attractive low fencing at an affordable cost – and PVC fencing is very durable.   If your home already has a fence, sprucing it up just takes some pressure washing, replacement of missing or damaged boards, and some fresh stain or paint.

All three of these tips only took me an average of two hours over three weekends.   Until I have to do it again next year!